The Slip Dress―It’s Perfect For Any Occasion

Slip dresses have been extremely popular for a few years now, but there is still some confusion about what a slip dress is and how it differs from other dresses. In this blog post, we’re going to break down the slip dress, talk about its origin and also provide you with a list of the best slip dresses available.

What Is A Slip Dress?

A slip dress is a very simple garment that can be worn as a separate piece of clothing or as an undergarment. Slip dresses are usually made out of nylon, polyester or satin, making them easy to wash and care for. They come in a variety of colors and styles, from long-sleeved to sleeveless with varying necklines.

A slip dress is typically worn underneath another garment such as a dress or skirt so that it does not show through the top layer of clothing. The main purpose of wearing a slip dress is to prevent any kind of skin irritation that may occur due to friction between two fabrics rubbing against each other when one is worn over the other.

There are many types of slip dresses available:

Short slip dresses are also known as knee-length slips and are commonly used as undergarments. They may also be worn over short skirts or shorts during summer months.

Longer versions of this type come up just below your knees, making them suitable for use under longer skirts or dresses such as ball gowns and prom dresses. Longer versions are also available in shorter lengths that end right at the knee (or slightly above), making them perfect for use under short skirts.


When did it start?

The slip dress is the ultimate summer staple. It’s easy to wear, comfortable and perfect for those hot summer days. The slip dress is an outfit that many women have in their closet, but you may be wondering when this trend began.

Slip dresses are actually a very old trend that was popularized in the 1920s and 30s. Women wore slips under their dresses to keep them from getting dirty or wrinkled while they did household chores. The most common style of slip dress was made of cotton or silk with buttons or snaps up the front, making it easy to take off and put on quickly!

The modern version of this classic look features a fitted bodice and slightly flared skirt that hits just above the knee. It can be worn over pants or shorts if it’s too hot outside for bare legs!

Where To Wear Them?

Slip dresses can be worn for any occasion. They can look great for a night out, a wedding or even just for the day. The great thing about this dress is that it is so versatile and it will never go out of style. You can wear it with heels or flats depending on your preference. You can also wear it with different types of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings to give it more definition and character. A slip dress is not only comfortable but also very elegant and classy looking.

The length of these dresses will vary from floor length to knee length. The most popular length is just above the knee or midi-length because it shows off your legs without having too much skin exposed. This makes them perfect for the office or for special occasions like weddings and parties.

When wearing this type of dress, you should make sure that you have on some sort of underwear that will not show through the fabric. This type of dress can be worn anywhere you would want to wear shorts or capris.

The following are a few ideas on how you can wear your slip dress:

– As an office dress. A shift dress is always a good option for work. It’s comfortable and easy to wear, not to mention professional. Throw on some accessories such as a necklace or earrings and you’re good to go!

– On weekends. If you want to relax by hanging out with friends, then slip dresses are perfect for this occasion too! Wear them with sneakers and a jacket or cardigan to keep warm during the colder months of the year. In warmer weather, throw on sandals or flats and have fun!

– For parties. A simple slip dress can be dressed up for any kind of party! Add some accessories like heels or a statement necklace for an elegant look or pair it with sneakers for a casual chic outfit!

Why Are They So Versatile?

Slip dresses are extremely versatile, because they can be worn as a dress or a top. They’re also great for layering, and you can even wear them under other pieces.

Slip dresses look great on their own, but they can also be worn with jeans or leggings to create a more casual look. They are perfect for the spring and summer months when it’s hot outside, but they can also be worn in the fall and winter months with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Slip dresses are great for layering with different tops and sweaters. You can even layer them over a button down shirt or blazer for an elegant look that will impress anyone around you!

Slip dresses are perfect for wearing under other outfits as well. If you want to wear something short or tight but don’t want to show off your legs, slip dresses are an excellent option! They’re also great for wearing under skirts or shorts if you want to keep them from riding up during the day.


The list of the best slip dresses on the market

Slip dresses are a great way to show off your legs and bum. But they can also be worn under other clothing as an extra layer of warmth, or even worn alone if you’re feeling brave!

It’s easy to find a slip dress in any store, but it’s harder to find one that fits well and looks good. Here’s a list of the best slip dresses on the market right now:

Princess Polly’s lingerie-inspired slip dress

The Princess Polly’s lingerie-inspired slip dress is made of high quality material. It has beautiful lace appliqués, which make it very elegant. The silk material makes the dress look more delicate and girly. The color is also very nice, which makes it suitable for any occasion.

ASOS Design’s Satin Slip Dress

The ASOS Design Satin Slip Dress is a versatile garment that can be worn as a slip dress or as a top. It is made from satin, an ultra-soft fabric that is comfortable to wear and looks elegant. The dress has short sleeves, which make it easy to wear during warm weather.

H&M’s Lace-trimmed Satin Slip Dress

The H&M’s Lace-trimmed Satin Slip Dress is a great dress to wear on a night out. It has a beautiful lace trim that adds an elegant touch to the dress. This dress can be worn as a formal or casual attire. The fabric used in making this slip dress is satin which is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Everlane the Modern Ribbed Tank Dress

Everlane the Modern Ribbed Tank Dress is a good slip dress. It’s made of 100 percent cotton, which makes it breathable and easy to wear. The dress has a subtle ribbed texture that adds interest without being too showy.

The neckline is high enough that you can wear the dress with a regular bra. The silhouette is flattering for most body types and gives you the option to pair it with flats or heels.

Urban Outfitters’ Fringe Slip Dress

The Urban Outfitters’ Fringe Slip Dress is a great choice for a slip dress. It’s made of a soft, comfortable fabric that has some stretch. The dress has an elastic waistband which makes it easy to wear and gives the wearer room to move. The fringe detailing along the bottom of the dress adds a fun flair to this simple piece of women’s clothing.

The Reformation’s Katie Slip Dress

The Reformation’s Katie Slip Dress is a great choice for those who want to wear a slip dress, but need more coverage. It’s made of 100 percent cotton and has an elastic waistband that can be worn high or low on the hips, depending on your preference.

How To Style Them?

Slip dresses are great for summer, but they can be a bit tricky to style if you’re not sure how to do it. Here are four ways women have been styling slip dresses this season:

  1. With shorts – The most obvious way to wear a slip dress is with shorts. You can opt for a pair of denim or even just wear them without anything underneath — remember that summer heat!
  2. With sneakers – Sneakers are back in style, so why not wear them with your slip dress? Slips are made out of thin material, so they’ll work perfectly with the trend.
  3. With a cardigan – If you’re planning on wearing your slip during the colder months, then it’s best to pair it with a cardigan or blazer. This will keep you warm without adding bulkiness to your outfit!
  4. With a blazer – Blazers are another great option when it comes to layering up our slips during winter time! They’re also an easy way to add a more sophisticated look to any summer outfit


Slip dresses are a chic summer staple.

Considering how fashionable and versatile they are, it’s hard to believe that slip dresses have been around since the 1920s! For some extra style points, tuck your blouse into a corset belt or a waist cincher, and you’ll have an irresistible hourglass shape. When it comes to accessories, skip the necklace―a statement that goes a long way. Last but not least, the shoes: strappy sandals or wedge heels are perfect with a slip dress. It’s before you know it―Ruby Tuesday blues!

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