New in-style fashion nails of 2022

Nails are among the best beauty trends to play with as they won’t cause a reaction, unlike with skin or breakage as with hair. Thankfully, nail art has significantly improved, and nowadays, there are many styles and patterns to choose from. You can get what you desire these days, from bright colors to dull ones, square designs to sharp tips.

However, this wide variety is also a bad thing as it makes it challenging to choose one style and design. If you are looking for suggestions on fashion nails, here are the trends to try in 2022.

  • Very Peri Pantone Color of the Year

Very Peri is Pantone’s color of the year. According to the company, it is its first color creation, and it’s not chosen from their rooster. The color is a combination of periwinkle blue and a violet-red undertone. It is described as among the happiest and warmest blue hues and symbolizes new possibilities.

Very Peri reflects what happens in our global culture, as Laurie Pressman, Pantone Color Vice President, says. Ever since this color was released, its sales have been crazily high. Klarna reports a 2457% increase in lilac nail polish purchases through the app. And it’s predicted that many nail artists will explore this color on their clients’ fingernails and toes. Very Peri is versatile, unique, and attention-grabbing. It makes your nails look attractive without even trying.

  • Y2K Motifs (Flowers, Smiley Faces, Mushrooms)

These days people have started reintroducing 2000s fashion and beauty trends. The nail industry hasn’t been left out as many people are exploring bright colors and whimsical patterns. Y2K nail arts are among the most searched beauty trends. The nail styles include various palettes like pinks, greens, browns, etc.

If you love playing with colors, these are the best to try. Getting the right color combination can make your fingernails beautiful and unique. You can also play with patterns and add smiley faces, flowers, or mushrooms. You can easily find these stickers at your nearest cosmetic beauty shop.

  • Natural Nails (Square Shape)

Natural nails will never go out of style. They are a way of appreciating our natural beauty, and you can rock them anywhere so long as you file them correctly. While you can file your fingernails in various shapes, the square shape remains the popular option.

Square nails are pretty self-explanatory as you file like a square or rectangle, depending on their length. Therefore, you will not have any rounded or soft points. They don’t taper in or flare out and are suitable for short and long nails. Square short nails strengthen the fingernails, making them ideal for those who use their hands a lot.

  • Barbie Pink

Barbie pink or hot pink nails are making their appearance, and individuals seem to be loving them. You can now wear hot pink and an appealing pink design thanks to this nail trend. Therefore, if you love Barbie dolls or plain pink, this would be a great trend to explore.

The good news is that you don’t have to paint just plain hot pink and leave it at that, although it is very stylish and attractive. You can play around with patterns and decorations. If you like, you can add glitters to give your fingernails some glow or add a flower pattern or even a name on top of your nail polish.

  • Tiger Print / Animal Print

People have always found animal print designs attractive. And there are many animal print designs to choose from, including zebras, leopards, etc. These prints are gorgeous, unique, and suitable for long and short nails.

If you are confused about which animal print to choose, you’ll not go wrong with tiger print. There is something about the brown and black combination that is so appealing. Plus, there are no rules on how you should paint your fingernails.

Some people paint black and brown on some nails and just plain black on the remaining nails. Some also add white to the black and brown combination, while others decide to do a plain color like white on the nail, then add tiger print on top. You can play around with colors and patterns to create your desired look.

  • Lunar New Year by Chinese Calendar

If you are among the people that celebrate the lunar new year, you should do so with your fingernails as well. Individuals celebrate the Chinese New Year with parties and festivals after the first new moon. Each year matches one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals.

An excellent way to celebrate the year is with Chinese New Year nail art for many people. You can create various patterns using several colors. But the theme should be inspired by the zodiac animal chosen.

  • Matte Topcoats

Nail colors and nail shapes can help you make a statement without a doubt. However, a simple thing as adding a matte topcoat on any color shade can do wonders for you. You can add it over metallic, cream, or pearl for a unique look.

This is an easy trend to achieve as you only need to add a matte topcoat once you have finished painting your nails. The only challenge is to get a quality topcoat since the market has many.

  • Bright Swirl

The swirl nail art trend will never go out of style. It is a fun and versatile style to give your fingernails some vibrancy. You can mute it using earth tones. But if you are bold enough, opt for bright, vibrant colors. Individuals can wear these nails in any season, which is why they are popular.

  • Tangerine Dream

Although orange is a simple color, it is widely used in many manicures. The shade offers so much freedom on how one can incorporate it. You can opt for softer orange, bright tangerine share, or pastel peachy orange. Plus, you can wear a simple plain orange manicure or a pop of color.

  • Hot Red

Hot red, like hot pink, is a fun and vibrant color to work with. Many people love a bold red look on their nails. It is gorgeous and attention-grabbing, especially when paired with a glowing top coat.


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